Sunday, July 08, 2007

More metallic butterflies and weird happenings

I posted a semi-rant posting before this one and it isn't showing up (kind of what happened to Chai on her writing blog recently) - so not sure what's going on so hoping these show up - E :)

Here are a few more butterflies we colored

Blue and Silver with pink body

Hailie colored this one and did a great job so this one is hers -

Pink and Purple with silver body

Blue and silver with gold body

my favorite - Green and Silver with gold body

So I'm giving butterflies to the girls for their trip tomorrow - They are heading out to Kansas City, MO with the Acteens (6 girls and 2 adults on the trip). They are stopping in St. Louis to do the Arch tour and then head to their conference and on the way back, they are supposed to be stopping in Nashville - so hopefully they will have a fun trip - and they will enjoy their butterflies.

See you all in the postings - E :)


Rain-drop said...

Your ranty post has shown up. :) I shall read it after this.

Hailie butterfly is the best! Sorry, lol. there is just something about that one, the colors go well together.

I do like the green one too, tho. And my affinity to blue attracts me to that one too.

How nice that these girls get butterflies for their trip. :) Awesome. Glad those butterflies are getting homes.

elysabeth said...

She did a good job coloring that one and I've decided to keep the green and silver butterfly for myself (green is my fav color) and since posting this - I've colored two more butterflies - a purple and gold with a silver body and a gold and silver with a pink body - but haven't scanned them - they are going to the girls - oh well - so goes life - E :)

Rain-drop said...

I like the blog change. But yes, the second line definitely needs to be a different color to be seen properly.

Perhaps...dark green? or black. Because it's on mostly white, but then those little things hanging down make the light pink hard to read.

I think you should make "Elysabeth's Emerald City" a diff. color, too. Tis hard to read. I think maybe...the light pink might work for that part, actually. The second line should be something darker tho, I think, since it's on white mostly.

The darkish pink of the posts is pretty good to read, except for where that blue thing is in the way. Maybe black would work better? Or that pale pink color you have for "Sunday."

Anyway, nice background! It has a diff fell to it, I like all the colorful thingies on the side. Very pretty!

Thanks for the comment on my blog change! :D

Clive said...

What's happened to the background colour? It's gone pink!! Actually it makes some of the print difficult to read and I would hate to miss any of you bons mots.

LindaBudz said...

Green is my fav color, too. Especially emerald green! And I like the green butterfly best as well ... looks great with the gold and silver!

Cas said...

I LOVE the butterflies! And I must say green is also my favorite color - I would have kept the green and silver too, but they are all beautiful!