Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kansas City (Missouri) we have arrived

I think they are having a great time or it looks like they are having a great time upon arriving at the Blume conference.

They have arrived to the conference at long last (this was Tuesday night, left church parking lot about 5 a.m. Monday morning, drove to St. Louis, spent the night at a 4-star hotel (put a bid for $49 a night for each room and got it - some fancy named hotel is what Hailie says; also right downtown close to the Arch so didn't have to go too far - Ms. Jan said the rooms normally went for $259 a night and they got them for $49 for the night from or the other one - can't remember). This was Tuesday evening before the conference really got started.

They had an interactive center (called the ME Interactive Center) and here they are doing a hula in a setup looking like Hawaii - makes you want to go on a trip, doesn't it?

I like this one - I've called it Girls "Bluming" because they are so growing up right before our eyes. Big difference in Hailie's mannerisms and demeanor since her band pictures in October - I can see a beautiful young lady developing.

Here is Hailie in front of a Pic representative of their "Night in the Middle East" - I believe this was to be their entertainment night where they spent time outside like being in Bagdad or somewhere in the middle east.

This is the Gold Crown Center where they picked up the Barbie Ornaments (Ms. Jan had a coupon for each of them to get a free Barbie Ornament. In the box it looks super heavy but when pulled out and held in our hands, it isn't that heavy at all. It is rack of shoes and each level turns so you can pick out what style fits best - lol - Nice freebie gift). (I think the Gold Crown Plaza is the headquarters for the Hallmark stores - but don't quote me on that, I've never been to St. Louis, Kansas City or Nashville)

Enjoy the pics

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