Sunday, December 16, 2012

This and That

First, no takers on my deal from last week's postings so basically no sales anywhere - no ebooks have sold since September. 

I was reading one of the posts on the Novel Spaces blog the other day and exploring the ebook cover designs and may have found one for "Butterfly Halves" and possibly one for a story that has never been published, "La Cave".  I've contacted the first site about the butterfly cover and may be able to get the cover after the holidays, hopefully. 

The one for "La Cave" is kind of up in the air right now because I like three covers on the same site that I feel will fit the book pretty much.  So I have to think about it. 

This Friday, I'll be the guest on Karen Rigley's blog celebrating the Mystery Most Cozy's tenth anniversary.  I'm giving away a signed copy of Finally Home for this celebration.  In order to be eligible for the drawing, you have to join the MMC facebook page and when Jenny posts the contest announcement, you have to click on join and your name will automatically go in the drawing.  So, if you like mysteries, and specifically cozies, stop over on the MysteryMostCozy facebook page and join it to be eligible for any of the drawings going on through January.  Help us celebrate ten years.

My last bit of news or an idea I had while sitting here working last night is that I've decided to hold a mini-contest for students.  Since everyone who has read Finally Home says I need to make it a series with my  characters, Kelly and Emma, I'm going to open the doors to students - write a synopsis of a mystery you would like to see written and receive a copy of Finally Home and once that story is published, a copy of the new story.  The contest is open to fourth graders and up (I think that covers the age group of 10 and up) and I will probably pick at least 10 stories.  The mystery has to occur in a small town since that is where Kelly and Emma live and has to be something that 13-year-olds can get around town easily to solve.  Think on the lines of "Encyclopedia Brown", "Nancy Drew" (minus the ability to drive around to other towns) and "The Boxcar Children." 

The mysteries can be anything, remembering that Kelly has a bit of a psychic power (she can touch things and travel back to see things that have happened that lead her to clues to solve the mystery, which is a new trait I just thought of since I hadn't planned on writing a series).  Emma is the noseybody neighbor who helps Kelly; she's the mayor's daughter and has ways of getting around without breaking the law - like keys to houses that would be owned by the city or are in limbo (delapitated type houses set for being torn down); she's the first person who greeted Kelly and her family when they moved to the small town where the story is set.

With the holidays coming up and everyone going on winter break soon, I will run this contest through the end of January.  I'm going to do a flyer to send out to elementary and middle schools in the area and a few others that I know would probably participate.  If any of my readers know of any children who would like to participate by submitting a synopsis of a storyline, please pass the word on.  Submissions can be made directly to me via email as an attachment ( or mailed to me (please email me for mailing address).  Looking forward to reading the ideas and getting some new stories out there. 

See you all in the postings - E :)

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