Friday, December 14, 2012

Novel Spaces: Looking for Pre-made eBook Covers?

I was exploring the blog where Sunny posted her article and found this posting.  So I've been checking out sites for premade ebook covers and found some pretty interesting ones.  of course I should have been working but it's all good the work will get done.  explore the sites and who knows what you may find.  Most are geared for romance, chick lit and fantasy, but the last one has an abundant amount of variety to choose from and she is running a sale right now half off - one cover for $30, three covers for $75, which can be used at a later date.  have fun exploring - E :

Novel Spaces: Looking for Pre-made eBook Covers?: If a book has a great cover, it screams 'PICK ME UP!"  When it doesn't, then I'm less likely to notice it unless I've heard of the author or...

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