Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Special Deal

Today I went to town to run some errands and while in Walmart picking up more yarn (yes I'm crazy), I got to thinking that I need to run a special deal.  So please pass the word, book orders directly from me will be 20% off retail plus you receive a free bookworm.  I'm also offering my bookworms for $1 each with free shipping with a minimum of 5 per order.  The colors left are Mirage (11), Ocean (17), Aspen (4), Melonberry (2), Marrakesh (2) and Watercolor (27). 

This special deal will be good through the 15th of this month to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

Books available:
Finally Home - 2 copies (retail $12; sale price $9.60, but down to $9.50)
Train of Clues - 5 copies  (retail $7; sale price $5.60, but down to $5.50)
State of Wilderness - 16 copies  (retail $10, sale price $8)
State of Quarries - 3 copies  (retail $12.50; sale price $10)
State of Reservations 1 copy (retail $12.50, sale price $10)
State of Successes - 8 copies (retail $10, sale price $8)
State of Heights - 18 copies (retail $10, sale price $8)
State of Nature - 16 copies (retail $10, sale price $8)

To place order, please email me at and I'll forward instructions for payment.  Don't forget to let me know who to make the books to and where to send them and your choice of bookworm; each book equals one free bookworm, so if  you order 7 books, you get 7 bookworms.


See you all in the postings - E :)

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