Sunday, December 09, 2012

This and That

I totally forgot to post my this and that posting last Sunday but it's not like there was anything to report, so you all didn't miss much.  I also was at our local Sisters in Crime holiday party so worked some and really didn't think about posting anything.

This week is a little different.  I have things to report. 

First, book sales - there have been no ebooks sold this week or this month or the past several months.  I'm still running my special over on smashwords for Finally Home with coupon code NL88Q for half off - $1.50 a download.  I've had some wonderful praises from readers for this book and it would make a great gift for that young reader who likes mysteries or who likes Nancy Drew mysteries specifically.  I'm also considering making this a series but am looking for some ideas on writing more mysteries using Kelly and Emma as my continuing characters.  So, for the rest of this year, if you leave a comment on any posting of an idea for Kelly and Emma and I use your idea for another story, you will receive a free Nook or Kindle download of Finally Home; or if you have already read Finally Home, then when a new story is published, you will receive a copy of that story. 

Actual physical book sales were not bad this week as I sold seven (7) books to the Belton Museum.  The director bought four copies of State of Successes and three (3) copies of Finally Home for the museum.  So just from a phone call and a referral from a customer from the Sugarfoot Festival in October, I made a quick sale.  Not that I have any of  the money  left since I went to Walmart and spent it on a few things I needed plus a few things I didn't really need but wanted - I bought some more yarn to make myself an afghan since I picked up a color I really like -it's called Real Teal and I'm pairing it with Aran, which is an offwhite/cream/ecru color.  The difference between the solid colors and varigated colors is the skein sizes (7 ounces for solid colors versus 5 ounces for the varigated colors) and how much more I'm getting from one skein.  I've finished the first skein of Real Teal (I bought 3 of this color and 2 of the Aran) and used a one-size bigger hook and actually got 20 rows from the skein as opposed to only 12 rows from the varigated using 6 skeins per afghan (30 ounces); so if this holds true for the other skeins, then I will end up with an afghan that is 100 rows deep, which makes it much bigger. 

I will continue working with the varigated colors for events but for me personally, I like the solid alternating colors. 

I posted Friday evening a special 1-week only deal on bookworms and books.  This deal will end at midnight next Saturday night.  Place orders via email ( before then in order to guarantee delivery by Christmas. 

This week, on the 12th, I have a posting about 12/12/12 going up on the Writers on the Move blog, so stop on over and leave a comment. 

I think this is all I have to report.  Don't forget to comment on any posting between now and the end of the year with any ideas you may have for new stories with Kelly and Emma.  See you all in the postings - E :)

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Faye Tollison said...

Hey, gal, you are doing really great. So glad to hear of such great book sales. Keep up the good work. It was good to see you at the SinC Christmas party. Hope to see you in the next meeting in January. Take care!