Sunday, September 02, 2007

weird leg things

All of us are fighting leg problems this weekend so far. It started Thursday night when after band practic Benjamin got run over by the pit cart because they didn't have the bungees to tie the instruments down and one of them starting falling off the cart and he jumped back to try to keep it on the cart and it was near the back and he was between two of the carts and got run over - not broken but this weekend the bruise has really come out.

Then Hailie shows me something with her ankle/foot - like a bit swollen and then she feels an Ace bandage would be helpful.

Then after sitting on this bed last night and posting on the blog and not moving too much - I went to get up and I had a serious leg cramp - all the way down to my ankle - It brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't move my leg for a long time (longer than the few minutes it normally takes for cramps to go away). It did go away and finally I got up but all night both my calves were kind of stiff and crampy but not quite to the cramp point.

So we are all suffering from leg problems but trying to make it through the weekend - got to run get ready for the volunteer work again - see you all in the postings - E :)


Cas said...

That IS weird! When I was at the track yesterday evening I got a cramp in the back of my calf muscle and it took forever to get out. I've never had a cramp there before and I'm hobbling around today because it's still so sore.

Something must be going on with the stars - that's for sure!

Writing Angel said...

Oh dear! I hope you all feel better soon!

elysabeth said...


Sorry you had one too - they are not fun at all - and sometimes the pain or soreness can last for several days. Eat some bananas the next time you get one and that should help.

Writing angel - yes we are all okay - limping around and all but we have survived - thanks for stopping by.

Holly Greenfield said...

whew! What a weekend! There is a truth to the saying everything happens in threes. Hope you all are doing better soon! When I was pregnant with my first I used to get charlie horses that nearly crippled me in the middle of the night and left my calves sore the next day.

Rest up!

Rain-drop said...

Your poor thing! That is terrible. I am so sorry about that. It sounds very painful.

You even have a label for it! oh my! You must have leg cramps a lot. Dearie, dearie.

I hope it gets better soon.