Friday, September 21, 2007

reaching for the stars - writing workshop for kids

So my friend Suzy over at Suzy's Scribbles has started another blog for young writers. The second blog is dedicated to using her workbook - Reaching for the Stars - to help children in the writing process. So here is her little add and you can always find her at the homeschooling blog --- give her a shout or try the writing lessons yourself and see what you come up with - I'm saving them in my files for my daughter so she can start writing some stories - E :) - can't get the video to work but it is on the first link - hope to see you all in the postings - and enjoy - E :)


Susan said...

Hi E-
Sorry you can't get the video to work; works fine for me and the HSBers. Hmmmm.... Say, what's this Never heard of it. I'm glad you found the writing site for your daughter, and yes, the lessons come from my workbook. I'll also do a little blurb about the lesson, plus as we get going even provide some "warm ups." Depends on how busy I get.
Hey, I LOVE your blog's new look. It is so cheerful and snappy-looking.
I've been so swamped lately I haven't had a chance to ask how your writing pursuits are going? How are the e-books doing?

Ang DePriest said...

What a wonderful thing to do - a writing workshop for kids. And by someone named Suzy Scribbles no less! How adorable!

I like your blog; the design is SO beautiful. It's really got a little of everything, doesn't it? Very impressive.

Congratulations on winning the contest (from your latest blog), and many happy acceptance letters in the future.

Best to you,