Thursday, September 27, 2007

Birthday and full moon

Today, okay yesterday actually considering it is now after 1 a.m. here, was my youngest child's birthday. He is an official teenager - 13 - no longer a baby. I have no babies left - wahhhhh :(

So his dad gave him some money for his birthday. I had spent all day at the school separating and checking and double and triple orders for pizza and cookie dough and making sure everyone picked up their orders. I got home about 6:30 and Benjamin comes out wanting to immediately go to dinner and spend his money. Now it's Wednesday and Hailie has gone to a friend's house to go to church with her and wants me to pick her up about 8:30. to get to town to a decent restaurant and eat and then let Benjamin do some shopping takes about two hours. Oh what to do. So we head to Anderson and on the way are discussing where to eat. We had decided on Harbor Inn which is right near the mall because that is where he wants to go to spend his money. We are almost at Harbor Inn and he looks over to the left and goes in to panic mode - IHOP, let's go to IHOP - so I had to make a quick turn, luckily at a light and no traffic (after all it is Wednesday night and most folks are in church during this time). We go to IHOP. I was thinking the crepe fest sounded good but changed my mind - had the country fried steak. So Benjamin orders a double BLT (lots of bacon made up like a club sandwich), and then decides to order an appetitizer of chicken tenders. Talk about yummy - they were so delish.

I told the waitress it was his birthday and he was an official teenager now - so after we eat she brings this humongous sundae out - with caramel and chocolate and lots of whipped cream (Benjamin has never really been a whipped cream lover - usually doesn't get it if he can avoid it) - so we both ate on the sundae.

We get to the mall at 8 p.m. I tell him he has 30 minutes to shop (he had a goal place to go and knew what he wanted). I was going to read while he was shopping, dozed off a couple of times but not anything lengthy. He pops out of the mall at 8:31 - talk about good shopping.

On the way back to get Hailie from her friend's, I look up and the moon is so full and pretty. Not a beautiful moon but a very nice one - clear sky, no clouds, no trees to obscure the view and just the brightness from the moon shining on us. So I pick on him about getting home and howling at the moon. He wasn't interested. He was more interested in the video games he had just purchased. Okay, so he wasn't howling at the moon, I did it for him while in the car at a red light. Thankfully all the windows were up and no one heard me - lol -

It was an overally enjoyable evening - spending time with my now teenage son.

heading to bed - see you all in the postings - E :)

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Rain-drop said...

Lol, howling at the moon! That part made me laugh. Oh the joy of videogames, I know how he feels.

13, wow! cool. Oh, you must be sad. IHOP and the sundae sound really awesome. How nice of the lady to make up a sundae for him.

It sounds like your son had a good birthday. :) I'm glad.