Saturday, September 15, 2007

If you happen to be in the Atlanta area

Check out the planetarium show that begins on September 22 with this author's book as the guide.

I'm a member on Verla Kay's "blue boards" and the authors and illustrators there are all geared for children and young adults - they cover a variety of genres and categories - from the early picture books to chapter books, and middle graders to young adults and everything in between. Mara has been posting information about this program for about a month or so and seeing as I'm only about 3 hours from Atlanta - thought I'd help her out and post it on my blog - so if you are around the area - check it out -

Share the joy and wonder of a meteor shower with your
family--indoors! Join Jody and her dad on an exciting
nighttime adventure, in a brand-new planetarium show
based on the children's book PIECES OF ANOTHER WORLD.

The show runs September 22 through November 18. Author
Mara Rockliff will be signing books on opening day.
Fernbank Science Center, Saturday, Sept 22, 1:30 pm.

To read more about PIECES OF ANOTHER WORLD:

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Susan said...

I'm finally catching up with a few blog visits. I haven't been on the BB for ages! I feel like I'm AWOL. It's embarrassing. But I had no idea how much time and effort a blog takes to keep current, and given a choice, I blog on HSB rather than roam the BB. Bad girl, I know. So I didn't know about the planetarium deal.
You've posted twice about the stars and moons. Are you a space lover? I love outer space and the beauty of the heavens. Always wanted to be an astronaut or an astronomer. Bought my own telescope and looked at Saturn and Jupiter and the Orion nebula.
Anyway, I was just curious about your "bent" in that direction.