Thursday, September 20, 2007

Half moon, sort of

I meant to post this the other night but I forgot and was on someone else's blog (viewing it - Copper Moon I believe) and it reminded me of the moon Tuesday night. On my way home from the writer's group meeting the moon was hanging low in the sky. It was an almost perfectly shaped half moon. But the more I stared at it and followed it home, the more I realized it was not exactly a half moon nor was it a crescent moon. But it was eerily beautiful. My calendar shows an open crescent, with the inside crescent facing to the left, for yesterday so not sure what phase the moon was in Tuesday night. Needless to say, at that time I wish I had had a camera so as to get a picture to post of the moon.

There have been several encounters with eery, beautiful moons over my lifetime. One time, coming over a bridge the moon was so large appearing it felt I could reach out and touch it on that bridge. It was also a wickedly strange orange color but it was absolutely beautiful. Again, I wish I'd had a camera to be able to show you.

So I ask you - what are some beautiful night skies you have experienced, either recently or from your past that have stuck with you? Share your moon stories, and if you happen to have some pictures of those gorgeous moons, share them as well. Would love to see some other experiences from around the world. The moon has to look different to those in Australia, right? - see you all in the postings - E :)


Heather S. Ingemar said...

Thanks for weighing in on my "short fiction" post!

All the best,

Cas said...

I once became deliciously tipsy while drinking wine on the front deck of a lakehouse under an enormous full moon in July. It cast an enchanting light over the trees and yard and made it impossible not to kiss the handsome man who was sharing his stories with me.

That was a great kiss. And a great moon.

Rain-drop said...

The moon is beautiful, I agree. The shapes it goes into and the colors can be amazing.

I have seen an orangey moon like the one you described. It is very pretty when it is that color. Also I have seen a yellowish-orangey moon that is also very striking. Makes you stand there and stare at it.

The normal moon, I always feel like I see a face in it. Eyes, nose, mouth. Every darn time! It used to look at me when I was a kid sitting in the backseat, driving up back home into the mountains.

When the moon is big, I think it is even more beautiful.