Sunday, June 17, 2012

This and That

Not a lot to report on the book front this week - no sales across the board - kindle, nook, smashwords. No live sales. Giveaways have been stopped but did send out 3 bookworms finally to the folks who left comments on my birthday blog posting. (UPDATE: 06/20/201 - I checked my createspace and saw that I sold a copy of Finally Home via the expanded distribution on June 10, so that would have been 1 sale for the week ending 06/16/2012.)

On the family front, lots of stuff happening. My son, who basically has not been home for the past three weeks, texted me Friday night demanding I take him to the ER for impacted ear wax. Bear (that's husband and no he's not a teddy bear, more like a grizzly bear) said not to take him to the ER but rather to a doctor. So nothing was done Friday night for son since all the minor care places and urgent care or immediate care places (we have very few in our area) were closed. Saturday morning, daughter and two of her friends (sisters) headed to Carowinds (that is on the other side of Charlotte, NC - about 2-1/2 hours from where we live). They had been planning this little getaway for about three weeks. Both the other mother and myself had concerns and really would have preferred that they postpone it for a bit. There was something huge going on at Carowinds yesterday - something called "Rockin' the Park" (a Christian concert of some sort - lots of church vans/buses, and folks in general attending or just going to Carowinds). My daughter hasn't done much highway driving and had to be on two major highways to get there (I-85 and I-77). They left our area about 7 and got to 1 mile from the exit to the entrance to the park and were involved in an MVA. She called me at about 9:47 which I figured she was just letting me know that they had arrived safe and sound, but thought it odd when she called a second time (my voicemail isn't set up since I went through a semi-upgrade but had to revert back to my old phone for a bit longer) and then a third time (I was kind of indisposed when she called the first time). I did answer on the third call time. She was upset and I knew it was going to be a long day. On my way up there (I rode with the other mother and father as my van was low on gas and I have no funds until payday) I received another text from my son stating "Is no one going to do anything for this excruciating pain?" - I promptly called him and left a voicemail telling him I couldn't do anything and that he would need to call his father to have father take him to minor care as I was on my way to get daughter because she had been in a wreck and I wasn't even home. We made it to about 1-1/2 from the exit we needed when traffic literally halted. This was about 1 or so PM (we left my house about 10:15 or 10:30). The 1-1/2 mile trek to get to the exit took us over 45 minutes to creep through. The traffic was backed up from the entrance of the park to the highway for almost 2 miles, plus apparently there had been several other church bus breakdowns and accidents in that area during the course of the morning.

We made it to my daughter and her friends about 2:15 or so, grabbed a bite to eat, and then I called the insurance to start a claim since time is of the essence in situations like this. We left McDonalds and headed to the towing place so daughter could gather everything she needed out of the car. She was complaining of her shoulders hurting some and the girl who was in the front seat was complaining of her back some. On the way back, we stopped at the other mother's sister's house for a bit and by the time we left there (about half way between Carowinds and home) both girls - my daughter and the other front seat passenger) were complaining of low back, shoulder and neck pain. We had urged them to go to the ER before we got there but they wouldn't go.

Getting home about 10:30 last night, I had enough time to come in the house and go to the bathroom, plug my phone up to charge (forgot to charge it Friday night and ended up with a dead phone before leaving the Charlotte area (spent a long time with claims person), and grab my van keys. Left and went to pick up son from friend's house where he had been staying, went to put a few dollars (I found $3 in my wallet and daughter had $2) worth of gas and then headed to the ER. We got there between 11:15 and 11:30 PM. We got home about 6:30 AM - almost 7 hours in the ER for both of them to be examined and treated.

So it will be a long week in the Eldering home secondary to having to treat a severe ear infection with lots of ear drops and oral antibiotics and pain medications (not impacted ear wax as he thought originally) and trying to keep my daughter comfortable from her whiplash and pain and stiffness. She's hoping to go back to work Tuesday or Wednesday, but I hope they just bump her schedule at least until Thursday.

So this is what has happened in my little corner of the world for the week ending June 16. Happy father's day to all you fathers out there - Mrs. E :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Elysabeth! I'm playing catch up on my blog reading. You and your family had quite a weekend. Hope this week is better for all.

elysabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susanne. It was a wild weekend and it was a rough day today with all the phone calls and my daughter's drama - but we will survive - E :)