Friday, June 01, 2012

Let Us Not Forget the Tablet Holders

So, while I was completed the second Monet kindle cover, I got to thinking (dangerous territory) about tablet owners. The kindle cases may not be big enough for some tablets, so I picked up one of the other colors and decided to expand the kindle case by 2 clusters/V stitches (kindle cases are 6 and tablet cases are 8) and make it 2 rows longer and instead of a flap closure, I would just sew some velcro to the top row for a closure. I didn't add a carrying strap as I felt most people wouldn't want their tablets just dangling from their wrists. So the tablet covers will give you a little protection when puting your tablet in a pocketbook or satchel.

I can get one kindle case and one tablet case and one or two bookworms out of a skein of yarn or I can get two kindle cases and four bookworms out of a skein. So for now, other than the Monet (both Faye and Susanne picked the same kindle case), I will have one kindle case and one tablet case of each of the colors I have to offer - Primary, Aspen (completed), Woodsy (completed), melonberry, marrakesh, Old Glory, bonbon print (kindle case only right now) I have to replinish the Monet and bonbon print.

Next week the All About Fabrics plant is opened and since I have to be up there anyway, I'm hoping to be able to buy yarn in bulk (six skeins in a pack) for a fairly decent price. I'm also looking for some material to make my Ma America costume as well as buttons for the kindle cases. Fingers crossed they have everything I need, and hopefully a different brand of the red, white, and blue varigated yarn in the 6-skein packages. I'll post pictures of all the completed kindle cases and the tablet cases soon. See you all in the postings - E :)


Magdalena Ball said...

Elysabeth, you're incredible. The bookmark is adorable and very sustainable. Can't wait to see your Kindle covers. You'll have to write a craft book! (not to mention open up a little shop selling your wares)

elysabeth said...


You are funny. I don't want to mess with a shop and probably couldn't do justice to writing a craft book. The pattern I'm using for the kindle covers is the same as the afghan = alternating V-Shell stitch and I found it online. Basically I like the quickness of the pattern and it really does look pretty cool when done up. Most of my crochet patterns have been from other sources, so nothing original about them except new ways to use the pattern. I'll try to get pictures posted today or tomorrow of all the kindle cover colors (I have half of them on my website and on the previous posting from last week, but haven't taken the other pictures yet.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving words of encouragement. See you in the postings - E :)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing pictures of the new cases.

elysabeth said...

i have two completed - the Aspen and Woodsy - and hopefully will have the others completed tomorrow so I can get pictures of all of them at the same time to post. I won't have any of the Monet or bonbon print but hopefully next week I can pick up some more yarn and get those going. My next big event is in August and I hope to have a little stash of everything to carry me over through October and November, so I'll be adding at least one skein of each color each payperiod as long as I can find them or if the fabric plant has them in bulk packages for good prices at least adding once a month. The collection is growing. I may have to give up writing and just concentrate on book accessories - lol. Naw, having too much fun with both. Thanks for stopping by, Susanne. See ya'll in the postings - E :)