Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer TV

It's 2:30 AM EST and I'm still awake and getting tired of the GSN so was flipping through the menu to see what else would be on and what is the Disney Channel playing? A 1997 movie called "Under Wraps". What is it? A Halloween story in the middle of summer. How weird is that? I mean seriously, why not some summer movies? Something a bit more modern? As many movies as come out on the Disney Channel surely there would be something that isn't 15 years old.

After watching 15 minutes of the movie, I've decide I've seen this one before so I guess it's time to turn the TV off and head to bed and maybe read or go to sleep- have a great night and see you all in the postings soon - E :)

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Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

I hardly turn my TV on anymore during summer. The old saying: summer re-runs is really true!