Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Republishing short stories

So the other day while I was emailing Heather some information, I got the idea to republish all my previous stories as ebooks. I'm waiting to hear from Heather to see if she can do up some covers for four of my previously published stories so I can get them out there and have a poster, or several posters really, done up before the end of October using the coupon I have for Walmart for a free poster (I believe they measure 16 x 22). I am totally stoked about getting more stories out there.

Stay tuned for more info about The Tulip Kiss (romantic paranormal), Butterfly Halves (a children's fantasy story), The Proposal (an April Fool's Day humorous romance) and Bride-and-Seek (a past lives romance). Maybe I'll have covers for these four stories in October - E :)

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