Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Remembering

Since I went to bed at 5 PM yesterday and got up about 1:30 AM this morning, I've had a very somber feeling. I turned on the TV between 4 and 5 AM and nothing was really on any of the channels I have marked in my favorites listing. I turned off the TV. Read emails, plurked, and just kind of didn't do anything on the computer work-related or writing-related. Turned the TV back on about 7:10 and watched the movie - Flight 93 - about the plane that was thwarted from hitting its target, probably the White House or some other place of importance on this tragic day. Right after that was "102 minutes that Changed America". The images captured and put together for that documentary of what occurred between 8:46 AM and 10:28 AM, Tuesday, September 11, 2001, are so tragic, devastating and even more unbelievable now than they were ten years ago.

I was working at home at the time, so had no TV or radio on. I was very oblivious to what was going on outside our house in another part of the country. My mother called me about probably between 10:30 and noon to ask if I had seen what was happening. I got very little information and trned the TV on to see the horrific pictures being shown on almost every channel. Those images weren't as real to me as watching the show today because they were so far away (in my mind, it was surreal and couldn't be happening). The show today was up close and personal taken from personal videos/phones recording the images/and folks who were as close to it as they could get, and they truly were devastating.

We will never forget where we were and what we were doing when the news came about the plane hijackings and the three buildings hit - WTC1 and 2 and the Pentagon, nor will we ever forget those brave folks who stood up to the hijackers of Flight 93.

What were you doing when you heard the news about the planes flying into the towers?

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