Friday, September 02, 2011

Great Sisters in Crime meeting with a new connection

Tonight we had a 70-year-old judge come speak to us. The man has stories upon stories upon stories and we probably could have sat there all night listening to him.

One of our member's daughter was there as a guest, who actually is the judge's neighbor and whose husband is an attorney who has spoken to our group before. I've not met her or don't remember meeting her at the meeting her husband was the guest speaker. She is a math teacher at one of the high schools in our area (I don't have the details in my mind clearly). While we were going around introducing ourselves and what we write or read (not all our members are writers but that's okay - we need the readers too), I made the announcement that Finally Home would probably be published in the next month or so (at least by the end part of October so I will be prepared for the three events in November with a new story) and she was like, "I'd like to talk to you after the meeting." Apparently some students under the guidance of the English teacher at her school have started a paranormal club and they are looking for some guidance about paranormal stories, et cetera. The story is that the high school is haunted and so they are going to do some after school activities as well as plan to sleep in the school one night with the lights all off so they can explore whether the school is haunted or not. I'd love to be a part of that since I believe in haunted places and Finally Home is sort of a haunted house story. I gave her my contact information and she is going to pass it on to the English teacher, so who knows, I may be speaking to high schoolers at one of their after school activities - Like I said before - you never know when the right connection is going to come along. Thank you, Barbara, for having your daughter come to the meeting tonight

I'm anxiously awaiting the cover choices from Heather for Finally Home. If nothing else happens this long weekend, I will more than likely be buckling down and revising/editing the ms so to get it fixed up and back to editor for a once over to get to Heather but only after I have a confirmed cover for the book. So come on, Heather, hurry up and show me a cover. Yeah, I know she is busy with school and all but I've been waiting now for several weeks and with this being a long weekend, I'm pretty confident she should have time to finish it up and get to me. See you all in the postings - E :)

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Hi Elysabeth! CONGRATS on Finally Home being published soon!