Monday, January 10, 2011


Twice in less than a month - this was staken from the little stoop that is actually my front porch this morning. The school closing actually came to my email before the snow started (weird) - anyway - this is what my driveway looks like so guess we aren't going anywhere for a while - E :)

- My car is parked on a slight upward slant so you can see how much snow there is up to the tires.

I was going for the tree that is off to the side behind my car because I think it is cool how the snow is just there.

For thos of you who live where snow is a constant pretty much all winter long and sometimes before winter, then you won't think this is a big deal. For those of you in the south, not in the mountains or anywhere where you see snow several times a year, this is a sight to see. I like it one day and thn for it to disappear - hope it's gone tomorrow - because if it lingers much more than a day, then I go stir crazy - lol. Enjoy it today - see you in the postings - E :)

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