Thursday, January 06, 2011

Blogging pet peeve

This is kind of a followup posting to the one on my JGDS blog this past weekend about finding teacher blogs to follow.

Why is that when you find some really good blogs to follow that hopefully will get your foot in the door that most of them don't have an email subscriber? I don't mind following blogs and having them in my blogroll, but following a blog isn't enough for me. Following means I have to open my dashboard every day and see who has posted something new, but I don't have time for that. RSS feeds don't do it either since I don't open my blogger every day. Email subscriptions on the other hand I open my every day and some days several times a day. I can read the posting, decide if a comment is needed or not. I wish more people in the blogosphere would utilize email subscribers (feedburner or feedblitz or even allow them on wordpress). I have come across a ton of blogs this morning, again, from one person's comment on a blog posting I am getting the email notifications for, and many of them don't have an email subscriber.

I would like to see more folks utilize the email subscribers out there so I can keep up with the relavent blogs. I keep saying, you never know when the right connection will be made - See you all in the postings - E :)


Carol Baldwin said...

I agree, Elysabeth. ALthough I know at least one blogger who has had a hard time getting that widgit on her blog.

elysabeth said...

I have a few other blog pet peeves (a good many, but don't have time to expand on them right now) but that one was kind of stuck in my mind - I found all these great blogs to follow that hopefully will get my foot in the door but very few of them have an email subscription. If I opened my blogger dashboard every day, it probably wouldn't matter but then again since I do follow over 100 blogs, yeah slogging through all the new postings is very time consuming.

I hope the person gets the widget fixed up. There are several free email subscribers out there so if feedburner isn't working for her, tell her to try feedblitz or another one that is free. - thanks for stopping by, Carol. See you in the postings - E :)

Diplo_Daddy said...

True. Just the other day, I noticed I've got well over 100 subscribers to my blog, via email.

elysabeth said...

Diplo_Dad, I wish I could say I had over 100 email subscribers on my blogs but as you can see - I have only 60 something followers on this one and 40 something on the other and I'm sure if I checked my email subscribers the numbers are down in the teens or less - last I checked on my JGDS blog I had 6 persons subscribing to email and don't even know how many subscribe to this blog's email thing. But I'll keep checking out blogs and hopefully the right group of folks comes along and shows some real interest in my books and that I start seeing a turn around in the loss of said books - that's what I'm all about right now - thanks for stopping by and commenting - see you in the postings - E :)