Thursday, January 20, 2011

PW and the CPSIA

Well, the one-year stay is upon us and nothing has been finalized as per this article in PW today. Congressional members haven't finalized anything on the way books for children will or should be tested for lead (remember the legal limit of lead is 300 ppm as per the CPSIA which came to fruition in November of 2009, but it has been proven that the lead content in children's books is somewhere in the less than 10 ppm). If you are interested in PW's timeline of the events leading up to this date, you can view them here. Most of us haven't really spoken out much of late because it is kind of one of those "raised a ruckus thing and then was forgotten". I do get the emails from both the CPSC and the Amend the CPSIA folks but really haven't paid much attention to them of late. The article with PW today kind of made me go, "hunh - I need to be more involved now since I'm self-publishing books" for the targeted age group that is affected by this stupid act that is damaging a ton of businesses in the children's industry. I don't have a clue what will happen to the book publishing industry if the stay is not extended, finalized or the CPSIA is not totally revised soon. All I can keep on doing is publish my books until I'm told to stop. I may have to check with createspace folks to find out how this will affect me and/or them in the near future. Hopefully, before the 10th of February, the committees and congressional folks will have made a decision on extending or just totally amending the CPSIA. See you in the postings. - E :)

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