Saturday, February 21, 2009

Virtual Book Tours forum rotation - March 1

We all decided that hosting two tours a month was a bit much. So Karen has gone to a once monthly schedule starting with March 1. We will be hosting the designated persons for a week. Looks like this tour I'm hosting Lea again (I just hosted her on her personal book tour, but I'm sure I can dig up some more interesting things to post for hosting her).

Follow each person on their journey as they expose you to new books.

March 1, 2009, tour schedule:

Deborah Ramos hosting Joyce Anthony
Dianne Sagan hosting Sally Murphy
Harry Gilleland hosting Mark Bradley
Karen Cioffi hosting Pam Devor
Kathy Stemke hosting Kevin McNamee
Lea Schizas hosting Dorothy Massey
Nancy Famalari hosting Penny Sansevieri
Suzanne Lieurance hosting Deborah Ramos
Vivian Zabel hosting Dianne Sagan
Margaret Fieland hosting Harry Gilleland
Ransom Noble hosting Karen Cioffi
Crystalee Calderwood hosting Kathy Stemke
Elysabeth Eldering hosting Lea Schizas
Joyce Anthony hosting Nancy Famalari
Sally Murphy hosting Suzanne Lieurance
Pam Devor hosting Vivian Zabel
Mark Bradley hosting Margaret Fieland
Kevin McNamee hosting Ransom Noble
Dorothy Massey hosting Crystalee Calderwood
Penny Sansevieri hosting Elysabeth Eldering

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Rena said...

Looks like a busy tour. Good luck with this.