Thursday, February 05, 2009

PW breathing a slight sigh of relief for the CPSC ....

Stay of Enforcment, but realizes it will be a long road to get any reformation on the CPSIA. As per the article published today, PW makes note at the end of the article that all the chairs of the committee and subcommittees (Waxman, et al.) have sent a letter to President Obama asking for Acting Chair of CPSC Nord's removal. She has been the only person sane enough to see that this law was unrealistic and more damaging than the original intent. Now these jerk wads want the law left as is and not rewritten or changed in any way. Do they not realize that millions of jobs are at stake? Do they think that by including every single product to this abscure and expensive testing when the proof is already there that there is no lead in products is going to be more productive and boost our economy?

Say no to these committee chairs and tell them to keep Nancy Nord and to reform CPSIA of 2008. Tell your Senators and Representatives to immediately do something about this. Every person of voting age who voted in November 2008 needs to contact these people you put in office and tell them to Pass Senator DeMint's reform bill and work on creating a better economy, not destroying it further. Tell them NO MORE STUPIDITY, DO AS WE SAY. They are still working for us and should be paying attention to what is being said by the people they represent. Everyone has a stake in this and should be contacting their representatives immediately. Do not wait until it is too late. Save the children, save the economy, say NO TO STUPIDITY and pass the reform as outlined by Senator DeMint -

T-minus five days plus 365 (give or take that year) until the economy implodes -

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