Monday, February 02, 2009

A little bit of help on CPSIA from one Senator (SC-R Demint)

Senator DeMint, one of the three who originally voted against CPSIA both times it came to vote last year, has a blog posting up that is a definite step in the right direction for CPSIA. He states that congress should not blanket all products and should use some common sense. Read the full posting here. I think his points are right on and I'm glad he's working for the citizens all over, not just for his state.

When I spoke to his office last week, the woman assured me he was trying to get a reformation of CPSIA through this week, so let's hope that the other Sensators and Representatives have been inundated with enough calls to realize this law should have never passed as it was originally written.

Holly Jahangiri has some excellent postings about the stay issued Friday. Check out her blog posting from Friday to see what she has to say on the issue. I agree that the lawmakers definitely need to get some common sense and forget this law. But the best we can hope for now is a reformation as outlined on Senator DeMint's posting. Keep the phone calls coming and keep the letters going. Tell everyone you know to contact their representatives' offices in Washington and make your voice be heard. Make sure they know you need to take down all the information on how this law will affect you in the long run and will ruin the already failing economy. Standup and speak up. Don't let this temporary stay be the end of everything. Repeal or reform CPSIA today. Anything is better than what is written.

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