Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prairie Dog Cowboy coming soon

More on Vivian and Prairie Dog Cowboy coming later this week. The guest posting article should be posted tomorrow. It's fun learning something historical you never knew. Come check out what Vivian has to say on prairie living.

Description of Prairie Dog Cowboy by V. Gilbert Zabel

Genre: middle grade/ young adult / historical fiction
Publisher: 4RV Publishing
Hardback, 180 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9797513-5-6
ISBN-10: 0-9797513-5-7

Time passes so quickly and history is getting rewritten all the time. So much of our heritage is lost with those changes. It is refreshing to see a slice of reality portraying the daily life of 1899 Oklahoma in V. Gilbert Zabel's latest literary work, "Prairie Dog Cowboy".

Buddy Roberts is but a small boy at the start of the story. It isn’t clear right away why his mother is set against the child. Although he has an older brother, he's tending to the cattle at the age of five, all alone with only his dog to keep him company. Buddy is a mindful child, doing what needs to be done, even at such a young age, hoping some day to grow up to be a cowboy. Instead of him and Patch doing the work on foot, he dreams of herding cattle on horseback someday.

Neighbor rancher Caleb Hyman is impressed with Buddy. He wonders, too, why the child works hard while his older brother, Jake, is doted on and spoiled. But, Caleb can see the man that Buddy will become, encourages him, and teaches him to rope. Once Buddy can rope a prairie dog, Caleb promises he'll give the boy a job on his ranch. Not an easy thing to do, but Buddy works hard to reach his appointed goal.

Through the years, Buddy becomes a part of Caleb's family, a friend of Caleb's twin sons, and the unknowing object of affection for their younger sister, Katie. Life begins to take a turn for the better as he approaches manhood. An ironic twist at the end brings the cycle of life in full circle.


Joy said...

I just finished reading "Prairie Dog Cowboy" and loved it. I felt Buddy's pain and all his triumphs right along with him.

Joy Delgado
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Rena said...

Thanks Elysabeth. I'm hoping I can get this book soon.

Vivian Zabel said...

I hope everyone gets this book before the CPSIA goes into effect. After that, it won't be available.

Nancy Famolari said...

I loved Prairie Dog Cowboy. I felt as if I knew Buddy and sympathized with his joys and triumphs!