Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Let's stay warm!

Rena Jones sent me a link to a calendar that lists some ideas of what the day is. I've been using the the one found on Teachers Net for my daily idea to blog about.

I printed out the January and February calendars from here for comparison. The teachers.net calendar only lists one thing per day where as the other one lists several things per day and some days, nothing.

For example, today is ..., according to the Brownie Locks calendar, Asarah B'Tevet day, epiphany or twelfth night, Three Kings day. I didn't really like those choices so went to the teachers.net calendar and found that today is ... cuddle up day, so what better way to stay warm than cuddling up with someone. So, for those in your colder climates, find a friend, buddy, or loved one and just cuddle up and stay warm. (Unfortunately here, the temps are in the mid 60s so not really cuddling weather. It did rain a good bit earlier and that was perfect cuddle up weather but all my cuddlers are gone. Maybe later.)

So keep warm, cuddle up and I'll see you all in the postings - E :)

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Rena said...

Cuddle Up Day -- how fun. It's trying to snow here, but it's not having much luck. That's okay because we already have 3.5 feet of snow as it is.

In honor of Cuddle Up Day, I will be lighting up my woodstove soon! :)