Monday, January 12, 2009

More info on the CPSIA

Follow the article here for more on this or even here on how a book is put together. As everyone can see, the components are tested and well below the limits and therefore when combined can't possibly as high as expected or set forth in the CPSIA.

I also found a link on our local news (unfortunately can't get the video to play all the way through) from last week that touches on this topic and I have left a comment and am hoping that the more voices who speak up and speak out against this law that the government has to take notice and repeal this law and/or reword it or rework it. So remember - please contact all your local, state, and DC representatives and the committee chairs who can call an emergency session to get this law repealed. At least stopped before it becomes effective. Let's be proactive to help save the book industry, the clothing industry and the small businesses this would definitely put out of business.

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