Sunday, April 20, 2008

What are you reading?

I'm doing something I don't usually do and have had a hard time comprehending how people do. I'm reading two stories at the same time. Don't ask how, but I'm doing it.

I'm awaiting on my book that I had won from Steve's NO BULL blog back last month and had run out of things to read. I had just finished reading Sylvia Dickey Smith's Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets (which I owe her a book review on) and so had cleared out my TBR pile.

I had inquired to Steve when he thought my book would arrive since I was out of things to read and usually like to get some reading in before turning off the light. So he offered me his manuscript to read. So far, I've been intrigued. Dream War is an espionage/spy thriller novel that started with a great first chapter. I printed it off and started reading (have read 3 chapters and the prologue so far, just printed out chapters 4 through 6).

Now if that isn't enough - lol - I printed off Lea Shizas's Rock of Realm to read since I was supposed to read it and review it for Lea's blog book tour. I tried to print like book format (front and back pages) but my printer kept screwing up. I gave up after having half the book printed (odd pages printed) but then I went back and just tried printing in smaller batches of the even pages and I think I finally got the whole thing printed out. So I started reading it the same night or the next night after starting Steve's.

So needless to say, I'm reading two books at the same time and enjoying both of them equally. Whoda thunk? I could multitask in my reading, especially since I really like to savor a book before moving on. Review of Sylvia's book to follow as well as a review of Lea's hopefully before too long. See you all in the postings - E :)


Rain-drop said...

It can certainly be difficult to read two books at once. I can understand that.

But sometimes one book loses your interest a bit, so you start reading one. Then you get back to reading the first one, and you are reading two at once.

You just have to sit down and make time to read, and savor both stories. :)

I wouldn't advise reading more than two books at once, though. One of my friends does that, and she never seems to finish any! And it sucks, because then I can't recomend more books for her to read, because she always says, "I'm already reading so many." So, don't do that.

elysabeth said...

You know I've heard of folks who read several books a week and I'm going, how do you do it? And of course, they are reading all of them at one time. I don't know how you split your time between two books much less several at a time. I'm finding now that I've got the whole of the YA one printed out (was an ebook sent to me to review) that I've been concentrating on reading that one. It's not that I've lost interest in the other one (which isn't even published yet), it's just that this one is reading quicker for me, and I can get several chapters in over the course of half an hour to an hour which is about the time I tried to read when I go to bed.

I say whatever works for you though, however you read is fine by me as long as you are reading - E :)

Flibgit said...

I thought I'd leave a comment to let you know that I actually do read your blog. I just never comment. :-)

Last night I went book shopping and started reading A Three Dog Life, which is a memoir about a woman dealing with her husband's traumatic brain injury. Of course the title is what caught my eye, but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it.