Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rock of Realm review

It took me a while to get to reading this one but I've done it. I'm not much for reading books on screen, even if it is an ebook. I like to print them out and I've had no ink for a while, low ink and problem ink. So after finally get some ink, I printed out Rock of Realm to read. The printing was my biggest downfall as I tried to print in book format (printing on both sides of paper as I was trying to save trees) but that ended up being a bit of a nightmare for me - lesson learned. So Ms. Lea, here is your review.

BOOK REVIEW: Rock of Realm (YA Fantasy) by Lea Schizas.
Rating: 3-1/2 stars.

I've not read much fantasy so this was something different for me. Yes, I've seen some fantasy movies, but actually reading the books is a different story.

In Rock of Realm, we follow Alex and her friend Sarah, Alex's dog Butch and his squirrel friend Pops on an adventure to another world. The four of them meet up with Jinx, the six legged hamster creature, who is their guide and takes them through many different mini adventures - all in the name of trying to get back home.

A modern day "Wizard of Oz" type of tale but without wanting to gain the wisdom or the beating heart or even a bit of courage. They only want to get home. Alex must overcome several obstacles in order to face Dread and get to the point of being able to return to her realm.

We are constantly rooting them on and then are bit saddened by the mishaps and unfortunate things that happen along the way. We are reminded of many things in this delightful story. Things like things are not always as they appear, not everyone is good (even if you respect and idolize someone), and that sometimes the easiest path home is the one less traveled and the hardest one to trek.

I think youngsters will enjoy meeting Alex and the others and following them through the adventures. Does Lea have plans for this to be a series? Check out her website for more information.

(I must apologize to Lea for I just realized while doing this book review I have misspelled her name on my other postings related to her. I will have to go back and correct all the references made to her.)

See you all in the postings - enjoy - E :)

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