Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets review

Well, I told you in a previous posting I had been very slack and I've been even slacker in posting this review. I apologize to Ms. Sylvia Dickey Smith for taking so long in getting to this review. I will have to find a way to make it up to her. So without further ado - here is a book review for your pleasure.

BOOK REVIEW: Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets by Sylvia Dickey Smith
Rating: 4 stars

I haven't read the first in the series of this quirky, delightful, small town PI, Sidra Smart (or Sid as she is known by everyone), but I may have to pick it up and read it for the pleasure.

I didn't feel lost starting at the second book either. With all the wonderful descriptions woven in, I felt I was picking up with an old friend right where we had left off.

In Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets, we find not one but two murders being shared and one accidental death that all tie into the reason for the murders. Sid is called by the father of Ned Nurwood, the young man whose death really was an accident, to take the case of the clearing his name. The further she gets involved or the more questions she ask, the more secrets are brought to the surface. Sid finds herself in a position of having to almost give up on her detective agency and doing something she enjoys. But she doesn't give up and finds that all things in the present are related to something from the past. The secrets are just as sinful as the murders. Things are not always as they appear and sins can be very deadly.

I really enjoyed the character of Sid and how Sylvia brought in some paranormal aspects to help Sid on her quest to solve the many seemingly unrelated turn of events that have occurred over the years. It is nice to see a ghost who is very helpful, even if through her journals.

All things in the past are related to all things in the present. One cannot change his spots to try to erase his deadly sins (this is true as we fund out what the secrets are and who all is involved). I hope you all will pick up Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets and give a quick review to Sylvia. I really enjoyed and here's hoping you all do as well.

See you in the postings - E :)

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Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Must holler out a thanks, Elysbeth! I appreciate the review--and you are excused for being behind. I certainly understand that situation!

If anyone cares to email me about the book, feel free to do so. Thanks again, Elysbeth!