Sunday, February 17, 2008

Puppies - five left to give away

Friday, I had to rescue a friend whose car broke down (she has no luck with investing in decent cars that will last any length of time) and she had already spoken for one of the puppies (she had asked for a female that looked like Scoobee if there were any, so I was going to give her the blonde looking one but when we came to the house, she decided she wanted the calico looking one and the runt - both females).

When we took the puppies out to take to their new home, I noticed one of the puppies was acting kind of funny, walking around or not really and kind of hunched over. Yesterday evening when I got home from the volunteer meeting and Benjamin was checking on them, he told me the puppy was in the corner just kind of not doing anything, so we took the puppy out and bathed it and put it in the spot where they had been born. When I took Hailie to church this morning, I found the puppy dead under the bay window, so he is now with his mama. May he rest in peace.

I've been asked to put pics of the puppies on my blog and the camera is being flaky - not wanting to download to my computer from the camera directly and with the kids' computer not in working commission, hard to get the pics here - so took some pictures today and went to CVS and printed out from the memory card. There are no recent pics of the runt or calico (Queenie and Callie, as named by their new owners). Here are the rest including the two we are keeping.

They all have temporary nicknames - Scoobee Junior or Porky (He will be confused because he was the biggest and looks like his daddy - so he will probably be called all names; and Ragal - she calls this one Einstein because when he was a couple of weeks old, he was crawling under the blanket to keep warm so she thinks he's very smart - lol), Oddball or cow dog (he's also been called Oreo), Reeses dog, Blondie (she's kind of tannish gray), the black female with no markings on her, and Scrappy Junior who is a smaller version of Scoobee Junior and so in honor of the cartoon shows - he gets the junior tag. There is a male calico looking pup but he is not as prominently calicoed as the female was. No nickname for him and no name that I know of - the one that passed didn't have a name either.

Hope you enjoy the pics - see you all in the postings - E :)

Scoobee Junior or Porky Pig - dang dog probably eats all the puppies' food and that's why some are so skinny.

This is the other one we are keeping. We think that the hound dog that showed up on our property at Thanksgiving had to contribute some since this one looks like him and is definitely the oddball puppy.

This one looks like a Reese's cup apparently - like chocolate and peanut butter - so thus the nickname.

You can't really see her body too well but she is more a tannish gray silver color.

This one is not named but the other female we have here - she is the solid black one.

This is the other one that looks like Scoobee but he is definitely smaller than Junior up there -

This was the mixed male - the female was more like a calico cat with the brown and black coloring -

Long post but lots to say about the pups and posting all their pics - see you all in the postings - E :)


Janelle Dakota said...

Awww! They're adorable! I'm sorry to hear about the one that died. I love the black and white one, but they are all so adorable. I wish the rest of the litter the best of health.

candie_best said...

I would take one but i live in flroida i have three myself email me if u hear of any in florida plaese To c my babbies go to