Friday, February 15, 2008

marketing post and webinar

I just checked my publisher's blog and found this article on marketing. Lacresha is hosting a webinar on marketing next week - details
below, posted with permission (and I apologize if Lacresha has
already posted this but I haven't seen it and figured I'd give it a

Living Waters Publishing Company is pleased to announce that
we are sponsoring our 12th Book Marketing seminar, but this time,
due to popular demand and to make it more affordable for our
participants, we will have it online!

From February 19-21, we will host more than 12,000 participants in
our exclusive marketing webinar. Each session will be one hour.

Our topics include:
Preparing your book for marketing before it's published (R)
How to create or dominate a niche market (B)
Getting the important reviews and maximizing their potential (R)
Obtaining shelf space and prime placement in bookstores (R)
Improving Amazon placement and rankings (B)
Targeting television and radio interviewers (G)
Selling out during book tours (B)
How to guarantee your book gets some media attention (R)
The power of direct mail (B)
How to tell if your book could make a good movie or cartoon (G)
How to tell if your book should be in multiple formats (G)
Following up with latter books that breathe life back into the first
ones (G)
The red denotes session one, blue for session two and green for
session 3. On Saturday, February 23, we will have all three
sessions, 1 hour each with a 45 minute break in between each
session. Please see the schedule below.

Session 1 ~ Tuesday, Feb. 19th from 8pm-9pm CST, Saturday, Feb. 23rd
at 10am CST (R)

Session 2 ~ Wednesday, Feb. 20th from 7pm-8pm CST, Saturday, Feb.
23rd at 11:45am CST (B)

Session 3 ~ Thursday, Feb. 21st from 7pm-8pm CST, Saturday, Feb.
23rd at 1:30pm CST (G)

Registration is required and will be taken from now through February
19 at 3pm. We will give away 2 books for each session and 3 total on
Saturday, for a total of 9 books. We will also giveaway one grand
prize: a $50 Walmart gift card, to be annouced on Saturday night!

The cost is $25 per person per session, or $68 for all three or the
Saturday sessions

The cost for all Living Waters authors is $15 per person per
session, or $39 for all three or the Saturday sessions.

All payment must be made with your credit or debit card. For more
information, or to sign up for registration, please contact me,
Lacresha Hayes, at

Hope you all get a chance to check it out or at least pass the word
on to those who don't know much about marketing and where to start.
This looks like it will be an informative seminar and that it should
be well worth the money. I can't attend but would like to although
I think I have a leg up on marketing already since my first story
hasn't even come out yet and I'm already promoting my books - and
getting lots of great feedback about how the idea sounds so good and
will work- Watch out ya'll, I'm a marketing hound - lol - Junior
Geography Detective Squad series coming soon to a bookshelf near
you - see you all in the postings - E :)

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Anonymous said...

That does sound like an interesting seminar, Elysabeth, and you can't beat the price. Looking forward to seeing the first of your books.