Monday, November 19, 2007

Announcement - NEW EDITOR named - Nefarious ezine

I just wanted to share with you all - hope you will submit stories when we start taking submissions (which hopefully will be after the holidays) and that you will come join the ezine at least to read the stories - E :)

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date Nov 19, 2007 5:55 PM
subject NEFARIOUS - Important Announcement

Greetings Readers of NEFARIOUS - Tales Of Mystery,

Since my last doom and gloom email to the Members announcing the possible
shutdown of the webzine a number of things have occured that I wanted you
all to know about.

After that email I posted a volunteer job posting on the site indicating
the need for a new Editor. I had a few responses to that posting and I'm
happy to announce that I've begun working with an Editor who will be taking
up the reins of some of the editorial duties for NEFARIOUS. Her name is
Elysabeth Eldering, a member of Sisters In Crime and the South Carolina
Writer's Workshop as well as being an Author herself. She approached me
after the recent demise of yet another small press magazine where she was
also an Editor. We'll have more information about Elysabeth on the web site
as we go along.

Elysabeth will be going through all of the previous submissions to
NEFARIOUS that were never finalized after they were submitted. If you
submitted a story and never heard back from me about it then you may be
receiving an email from Elysabeth in the next month or two. If your story
is no longer available for publication in NEFARIOUS then please let
Elysabeth know when she contacts you.

Provided that my financial situation does not figuratively pull the plug on
the website, we hope to have a new issue in a month or two, hopefully in
December. Provided we can keep this thing going then I will hope to open up
submissions again with the new issue.

I hope all of you will stop by for the new issue and also welcome Elysabeth
on board.

Thanks for bearing with me through this difficult situation.

Robert K. Foster
NEFARIOUS - Tales Of Mystery


Cas said...

Congratulations, E! They are fortunate to have you. Best of luck!

Janelle Dakota said...

Way to go! That's great that you will be assiting in editing. I will have to stop by the Nefarious ezine website to see what you've gotten yourself into :) Best of luck to you and to Nefarious - may your endeavors be rewarded. It isn't easy to keep these ezines in biz, is it?

LindaBudz said...

Wow, Congratulations, Elysabeth! My fingers will be crossed that they make a good go of it!

Holly Greenfield said...

Congratulation Elysabeth. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Cidermaker said...

Congratulations Elysabeth, I shall check out the magazine, as I don't know it.