Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sample butterflies for Butterfly Halves contest

How to enter the contest:
1. Purchase your copy of "Butterfly Halves" from
2. Read through (shouldn't take more than half an hour of your time to read).
3. Email me at and tell me the names of the two girls and what their occupational choices were at the end of the story.
4. Indicate your choice of two colors for your butterfly from the below list.
5. Include a mailing address for your butterfly to be sent to you.

It's that easy. So come on girls, read a good short story and win your butterfly today.

The color choices right now are from the Fashion group and include: Sunset Orange, Forest Green, Playful Purple, Rambunctious Red, Deep Sea Blue, Yellow Blaze, Key Lime, Blue Skies Blue. (Two colors are missing but should be found soon - they are Hot Aqua and Fundango Pink)
For the next run of the contest, I will change to the Earthly Expressions colors. The colors in that group are: Prairie Berry, Desert Rose, Harvest Orange, Adobe Orange, Honey Brown, Moonstone Yellow, Meadow Green, For-Ever Green, Misty Blue, Midnight Navy, Plumtastic Purple, and Stone Grey (not necessarily a butterfly color but it might work in combination with some of the other colors).

The third run of the contest will be choice of Paradise Pastels. The colors here are: Petal Pink, Pink Flamingo, Peach Parfait (almost sounds like a dessert), Summer Melon, Lemon Bliss, Tiki Hut Tan, Margarita Green, Lime Sorbet, Tranquil Teal, Oceanview Blue, Polynesian Purple, and Cloud Nine Grey (hum, I never knew Cloud-9 had a color - the place where dreams are made of - lol)

I've colored a few butterflies and scanned them into the computer so you can see what they look like - Let me know what you think.

Enter today and win your own butterfly - hand colored for you - E :)

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