Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I was sitting here thinking - I'm running this contest on for butterfly halves and I have this metallic tempera paint, why not see if the paint sticks to the rubber butterflies and I did three of them - a gold one, a bronze one and a copper one. I also had some acrylic paint from a small stencil kit I purchased this weekend, you know those little cups of paint for like paint-by-number kits or things like that? Well, I thought wonder if this metallic will work. So i did three of them. Then I did the acrylic paint on a butterfly. I think they look pretty cool here but you be the judge - tell me what you think of my butterflies. I'm probably going to color them with permanent markers as that seems to do the best or the small acrylic paint things, because they look so much better. If anyone enters the contest and wins, they will receive their choice of colors for the butterflies (which I will give to them when I give the winners their notice) or a temporary butterfly tattoo. So purchase your copy of Butterfly Halves from and then come over to myspace and answer my contest questions.


Writing Angel said...

Those butterflies look so pretty!

elysabeth said...

Thank you dear - I hope it attracts some sales for the contest - I'm trying to get out there - the permanent markers really work the best - for coloring them but the painted ones did turn out pretty cool - the colors a prettier in person -

Ghost Girl said...

Oh how cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It sounds as though we have a few things in common!

When I get back from NY, I'll check out your site and your contest.

Mary Ann