Monday, June 04, 2007

June - what a month - Birthdays galore

I told you before that there were tons of birthdays and remember dates in June so here they are -

1st - one of my cousin's b-day (we aren't in close contact so I couldn't tell you if it was Brian's, Sherrie's or Christopher's - so when I say one of the cousin's you'll know it's one of those three)
2nd - my brother's anniversary and I believe it is his 17th? - hum I guess I should call and find out what they just celebrated - again not very close so don't keep in contact
5th - MINE - A milestone for me - I'll be 45 which is probably half my life expectancy - woohoooooo -
6th - Brandon's, my nephew who my son was with during spring break and they got picked up by the cops which Benjamin thought was the coolest thing
9th - another one of the cousin's (see note above on the 1st)
15th - one of my friend's from high school
19th - the other cousin's (the only reason I remember the dates is that it was the 1st plus the 9th - to make 19 - lol)

There are more I'm sure and I'm too addled-brained to think of them all - we have a slew of them between the middle of May and the end of June - then things are quiet for a bit and pick back up in the fall - so more then when I can get everything together.

See you all in the postings - E :)

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Janelle Dakota said...

What happens in September that causes so many June births? I have 11 birthdays in June to remember. At any rate, Happy 45th to you!