Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fast fiction contest on Echelon

Okay, so today is April Fool's day - and this is not a joke - Echelon Press has posted the next fast fiction contest and the theme - Fast and Foolish - Jane and I had a thought this would be the theme - so write on - it is very fast. You have to submit by April 12, with winner announced on April 14, and story published on April 19; the foolish catalyst has to be a lie or joke (in honor of April Fool's days jokes abounding today).

Short stories are fun and can lead to publication (is how I got my second story submitted to publication - Karen was impressed enough to offer me a contract on the story) - Anyone interested, just check out - scroll down to the bottom of the home page (second block of news) - and you will find all the guidelines needed for the story. Good luck to you all - see you in the postings - E :)

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Serena Joy said...

Hi, Elysabeth. I've seen your comments on Southern Writer's blog and wanted to stop by and say hello. Love your 'Emerald City' title -- especially since I have some ruby slippers and flying monkeys. LOL.

The Echelon contest sounds great. Which leads me to ask -- I have a writing oriented message board (which you're very welcome to visit, link in my sidebar) and I'll bet some of my members might be interested in that. Would it be all right if I let them know about it?