Wednesday, March 28, 2007

update on freaky occurrence

Karen has informed Jane that the tech guys couldn't find anything wrong and short of her redoing her web store page, they didn't know how to fix the problem.

Sorry, but I still don't think they are producing the same problem because they haven't a clue what they are doing. There is obviously something going on - so my advice to anyone who has an account on Echelon (and no I'm not saying don't ever use the site) that when you do log in to make a purchase or post a review to please make sure you click log off when you are finished with your transaction or posting so that the next person that comes to the site won't be logged in as you. We definitely want you all to still make purchases and post reviews just be safe - see you all in the postings - E :)


Writing Angel said...

Sometimes this happens when the server refreshes funny. It's bad on the websites part. A fix for a user is to try Ctrl-F5. This refreshes from the server and should give you your own stuff back.

elysabeth said...

Writing Angel,

My friend and I tried this but it didn't work; all it did was refresh and take her back to the home page and when she clicked on the webstore button (I was logged in) she was still welcomed as me. We have tried explaining this to the owner/publisher and she's been trying to work with the tech guys on this issue but to no avail - they are either really dumb and not seeing what is being explained or they are too smart for their own good -

Here is the rundown - let's say you have an account or not on echelon press, because anyone can go browse the pages without logging in or having an account. I come in and want to do a review or purchase a book; I have an account, so I log in. Now if you are browsing the pages and happen to be on the webstore page, you will see "Welcome back Elysabeth! ..." you know have access to all my account info - like what I've already purchased and my personal info - my address, phone number, et cetera. The only thing you can't do is purchase under my name because that is done supposedly through a secure site.

Then what we found out was that if we just clicked the X button and exited the site/browser totally, we were still logged on and people coming in the next day or after we had left the site were being welcomed back as the last person who had logged in to the site.

Tech services has assured Karen (the owner/publisher) that they can find nothing wrong with the site, but I'm wondering if they are logging in like we are going to another computer and just browsing to try to duplicate the results - seems they aren't.

Any suggestions to help fix this unsecure problem, I'm happy to pass them on to Karen or whoever can fix it, or you can pass them on to her yourself - there is a contact page with her email addy -

Janelle (March's winner) has lost at least 5 sales on her story from her friends because of the issues and there is no telling how many everyone has lost now that there are known issues - I've been frequenting the site for several months before I even won in January and never noticed any of the current issues. But sometime in March - right after the winner was announced or maybe right after she was posted, we started noticing this freaky occurrence - we were chatting and I had gone in and purchased her story, and I didn't log off the site but closed the browser (which usually logs me off any site I log on to because when I open my browser again and go to that particular website, I'm no longer logged on) and she asks me in chat - not very nicely really - but what the **** - I'm you, whats going on here - I wasn't sure how to answer so went to the site and opened the web store page and sure enough I was showing "Welcome back Elysabeth! ..." -- so she logged me out and logged herself in and I closed out my browser and opened it and went to the webstore page and I saw the message "Welcome back Janelle! ..." -

Anyway - as you can see this isn't good for business and definitely scares me into not wanting to log on and if I log on, it will be briefly and then I will log immediately off - I hate to be that way but no way do I want my personal info out there to any Tom, Dick or Harry - some scary people in this world -

I hope this explains the situation some more - E :)

Writing Angel said...

That definately explains it. It sounds really bizarre and the tech guys obviously aren't testing it properly because you explained it really well.

I hope they get it fixed for you, Janelle and Karen!