Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Tulip Kiss is now available

Check out the web store page on Echelon Press ( for my short story from the Fast and Frigid contest that I won - the cover art is absolutely gorgeous and as soon as I figue out how to post a picture within the blog posting, I'll put the cover picture on here as well - It is so awesome to see my story actually published -

not much time to post stuff today - but will update soon - see you all in the postings - E :)


Writing Angel said...

That's so exciting! The cover art is very pretty. Congrats again. Can't wait to see your next one. :)

elysabeth said...

Thanks. You think there will be a next one? - lol - I'm still toiling with the Fast and Frisky contest which is due to be submitted next week but I don't know yet.

I hope to have my middle grade novel published this year or first part of next year - maybe on a small press like Echelon or Tree Press ( - so keep an eye out for it -

It is a really cool feeling just having a story published for real - E :)