Saturday, January 27, 2007

Free workshop on writing

Wow - it's free and it's from a team of authors who have published 45 books between them - check it out and hopefully you will pick up some pointers on writing a novel - have fun - E :)


Cas said...

Hi E!

I just received your comment and was thrilled to hear from you.

I love your blog! Believe it or not, I just finished reading a Crusie novel. I'm a huge fan - can't wait to check out the workshop.

I haven't submitted yet - but I'm toying with a few ideas. We'll see!

Keep in touch - it's great to meet like-minded people.

Cas :-)

elysabeth said...


Thanks for the kind comments. My original goal was to help other writers by posting links or other information to help them but that didn't work out so well. So I just kind of am going with the flow now. Keep on plugging away - who knows what gets published - E :)

Southern Writer said...

Hi again, E! I loved your calendar idea! Since I still need a new calendar, it's going to make shopping for it a lot more interesting.

The Observer said...

Hey E
thanks for the link to the CM writing you know I have just returned to writing after my summer break.
What a great idea to participate in this course...
I have missed January but I can catch up...
looking forward to it and keepoing in touch. stay warm we are trying to stay cool!