Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Finally, a new year is here

Okay, out with the old and in with the new. That is what my grandmother used to say. We can toss the bad away and let the new beginnings come in. Last year was a very bad year for me but it also was a good year in other ways. I lost two different jobs in a three month period (bad), was out of a job for three months after losing the second job (very bad, no funds to speak of and not able to do much as far as socializing), but then I got a great job offer (very good for me and my family), took on an editor's position with The Magazine of Unbelievable Stories (good because I was wanting to get into book editing) and now Andrei is expanding to publish 6 novels in the 2008 calendar year (so yay!!!! I will be editing books this year), and I finished a story that was longer than a short story. This was done during November and part of December for NaNoWriMo - I'm hoping once it gets edited and revised and read/reviewed by target audience to enter it in the Random House/Delacorte first young adult or middle grade novel contest (would be sweet to get published, but if that doesn't work out may go through Publish America to publish - just have to see)

For submission guidelines for the magazine and/or novels - please check out our website - http://quill-pen.net/Submission.html (yes there are some erotic looking pictures so if offended easily, please do not visit the site - otherwise, we are looking for everything that is "outside the box")

I think this year is off to a great start and I am looking forward to working with new authors in the upcoming year. I also look forward to a productive and challenging year. (working on some personal writings for some contests - maybe one of them will pay off - - let's see how that goes) - see you all in the postings - E :)


vadis said...

Hi, from Indonesia. Would you like to visit my blog? I put excerpts of my novel in my blog: http://fireheart.tk

The title is: FireHeart Saga
Thanks, Mrs. Elysa!

Best regards,
Andry Chang
Jakarta, Indonesia

elysabeth said...

First of all, I don't read fantasy and secondly I don't know what you want to gain from me reading your excerpts on your blog (There are plenty of people who will read for you if you are looking for feedback)

I don't know why you have posted to my blog such a request (seems to me you are just going through people who have writing blogs or something)

And lastly - I despise anyone calling me anything but my name. I have worked hard to get this name and I don't appreciate the assumption that it is okay to call me by anything other than my name - I am not now or ever will be any abbreviation of Elysabeth (no Eli, no Ely, no Eliza, no Elysa, no Lizzie, no Lysa - I do tend to get on a soapbox about my name - so I am stepping down now)