Monday, October 01, 2012


If you are looking for something fun this month, how about stopping over and checking out Susanne's blog during the month for some zombie invasion.  She will be giving away prizes throughout the month just for leaving comments on her zombie postings. 

PUTTING WORDS DOWN ON PAPER: Zombie Invasion!: Zombies have taken over my blog!       They are everywhere.   SEND HELP! Please stop by throughout the month of Octob...

On the zombie note, I have a 2nd place winning short story, "Zombies Amuck", that I had hoped to publish this month in time for Halloween but as money is tight and I can't pay my illustrator I don't have a cover.  If I had cover, I'd put it up for sale as an ebook.  Hopefully this week will be a big break and help me a lot (Georgia COMO with 12 states represented in SELA booth plus all the other librarians from Georgia and the Southeast being there) and I can get back on track with getting state stories out and covers for my other stories.  Nonetheless, stop by Susanne's blog and have some fun, and don't let the zombies scare you away - E :)


Susanne Drazic said...

Hi, Elysabeth! Thanks for sharing the link to my zombie invasion post.

elysabeth said...

You are quite welcoem. I'm looking forward to your zombie invasion month. I wish I had had my zombie story already published for you to review but such is life. Maybe this week will be my foot in the door and send me a money break so I can get covers for my remaining stories and pay Heather, of course.

I cant wait to hear about your own writing. E :)