Sunday, August 12, 2012

This and That

It's been a great week as noted by my previous posting of "Miracles and Good News" and sales have been okay this week. All in all, no complaints about book related stuff this week.

For sales, over on kindle, I had a copy of Finally Home and a copy of "Bride-and-Seek" and a copy of State of Heights, so not too bad.

Now for the fussing part. I've been watching some of the Olympics but during times that I've not really been interested in the sports being shown, I've flipped the channels and watched movies or other shows. The commercials are abysmal. There is no modesty or decorum on commercials geared for kids these days. One of the "toys" being advertised is "Doggie Doo" and the catch line is "Doggies do what doggies do" and they show the dog releasing what is supposed to be "doggie doo" (I think it's Play-Doh but it's still disgusting). The other is a Ladybug filled with some sort of jewels or trinkets that when tossed and the tells the girls to clean up the mess - so the ladybug goes around and picks up all the little jewels and one of the things advertised in the commercial is that the ladybug "poops too". I'm sorry but these commercials have gone to extremes - disgusting and totally not child-friendly (yeah, I know kids say more disgusting things but still, no need to advertise this on TV that kids will be watching. No need to encourage the disgusting behavior).

Other than disgusting commercials, I'll be happy for the fall TV season to restart. I've seen a few advertised shows that look pretty interesting but who knows if I'll have time to really watch much TV as I have a lot of events coming up.

Just a sneak peak of what is coming up - the end of the month is Sunday in the Park in Mint Hill; the weekend following that which happens to be Labor Day Weekend will be Decatur Book Festival - the place I got started with my state books and I'm looking forward to being there again. In October there are three scheduled events, just have to come up with the fundings for the last one and I'm good to go. I won't be doing Savannah this year as they have gone up on cost and the table isn't worth $150, even if I were to get a school visit just wouldn't cover enough expenses. Hoping the first event in October leads to several school visits.

Coming in a couple of weeks or so, I have a guest blogger, mystery author Sandra Parshall. So that's what is on the agenda for now. Don't forget you still have 2-1/2 months to purchase your chances for the red, white and blue afghan drawing and that chances are only $1 each. Good luck to everyone who has tickets so far. See you all in the postings - E :)


Mary Jo Guglielmo said...

I've been so busy lately that with what little I watched of the Olympics, I walked out during the commercials to get things done. I guess that was a good thing. Sounds like you have lots of good things going on Elysabeth. Congrats.

Karen Cioffi said...

Elysabeth, I agree wholeheartedly. Commercials and even kids TV shows have crazy. And, it shows in young children's behavior.

So much for decency censorship.

elysabeth said...

Mary Jo, these commercials were actually on different channels other than where the Olympics were being shown - and I believe in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't really sleep. It's still disgusting to even mention the word "poop" and "doo" in the context of these commercials. I know things have changed but I can't see any parent purchasing these things for their kids only to encourage them towards expressing the same words and sentiments as expressed on the commercial.

I'm glad my kids are practically grown and I don't have to worry about them wanting these toys.

Karen, totally no censorship whatsoever. I guess if they pay for the slot they can put whatever they want to but still some decorum would have been nice to see. I probably should write the TV stations about these disgusting commercials - only to try to get them to stop showing them. But I've too much going on right now to worry about what the TV stations are showing - lol.

Thanks for stopping by ladies - see you in the postings - E ;)

Susanne Drazic said...

CONGRATS on the book sales!