Friday, August 10, 2012

Miracles and Good News

Okay, my miracles are minor compared to some but still in the past 24 hours (more like past 18 hours) I've received an answer to one of my prayers and relief good news to another.

I've been campaigning to sell my book related items via Etsy and my websites to raise funds for a couple of big events coming up. I had asked Ann Eisenstein to join me for the GaCOMO conference coming up the first week of August to help offset the costs of the exhibitor's booth but have not really received a commitment from her, so have been fretting on how to come up with the $350 for the booth cost, which needs to be turned in by September 1. I kept hoping that some afghans or books would sell or large quantities of chances for the afghan drawing, but at almost the middle of August, neither has happened.

Yesterday, we had some terrible storms come through our area and I logged off for a while and then logged back on when I thought the storms had passed only to have to re-log off within a few short minutes secondary to another set of storms coming through as strong as the first one, but not before I was able to read my emails. One of them was from the director of the conference telling me that he was pretty sure he had a solution to my dilemma - they are always needing someone to sit in the SELA (that's the Southeastern Library Association) booth during the conference and if I were willing to help man the booth, I could set up my books at no cost to me. YES! - His last words to me were "think about it" and my reply to him before having to really get off the computer was - I'm there - lol. No thinking necessary. I'll be there whatever hours you need me except during my presentation time - so this was my miracle.

I only have to fret about the biggest book festival coming up but that one shouldn't be as bad since I do get paid on the 22nd of this month and have a small event the Sunday before and I'm hoping that one will be a huge success (lots of afghans and books sales) but I've already been planning so my check should be pretty good and able to cover all the expenses. It wouldn't hurt to see folks purchasing chances for the afghan drawing in batches of 25 (remember the cost per chance now is only $1 each and for every 25 purchased you get 5 free chances - so if you were to purchase 100 chances, you would actually receive 120 for the drawing and this is the afghan I almost don't want to give away but have committed it to being the 2012 afghan). This would just cushion my ability to meet all necessary expenses over the ensuing weeks.

The other bit of good news is that I was fretting about the hotel expenses for the GaCOMO since that conference falls the very first week of October (3-5) and I don't get paid until the 7th but in that case I actually will get paid on the 5th. I called the hotel this morning to inquire about when my credit card would actually be charged - upon check-in or check-out - Erica stated that I wouldn't be charged until check-out which is a relief since I'll be checking out Friday morning and my money will be in my account first thing that Friday morning. So, yay for a little relief on that and now all I have to do is save my check on the 22nd of September to cover gas and food to and from the conference. Things are definitely looking up as far as that one conference is concerned.

I'm having a Miracles and Good News day. What about you - what kind of day are you having? Hope it's full of wonderful miracles and good news - see you all in the postings - E :)


Susanne Drazic said...

That is good news!

elysabeth said...

Thanks, Susanne - I was very excited to read that email and couldn't help myself. I'm glad I inquired and that something has worked out. I'm looking forward to this conference as it will get me in contact with a lot of school librarians as well as public librarians - thanks for stopping by - see you in the postings - E :)