Thursday, March 22, 2012

Duct tape, anyone?

My daughter is embarking on a new business - making wallets and small items (hair bows, keychains, bracelets, et cetera) out of duct tape. I thought I'd take a minute and highlight her items.

She has an array of colors and decorated looking duct tape (Duck brand has so much to offer in the way of duct tape these days) and she has been busy making up wallets and other sample items that it's so much fun to see what combinations she comes up with next. If you get a chance, stop by her site and check out what she has to offer. Don't forget mother's day and father's day are right around the corner.

Little fact about duct tape: It floats. It doesn't sink and these wallets are secure enough that when immersed in water, the money stays pretty dry. So if you ever drop your wallet in a puddle, you can rest assure that your money will stay pretty dry. And clean up is easy too.


Susanne Drazic said...

What an interesting idea. Haven't there been young ladies who have made prom dresses out of duct tape? I seem to remember seeing articles about that. And what about candy wrapper prom dresses? Guess I'll have to go and do a Google search.

elysabeth said...


I do remember a few years back some girls made statements with duct tape prom dresses - but I've not heard of the candy wrapper dresses or don't remember that making news/headlines - must be I'm getting old and prom is so far away from my memories - lol. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my daughter's stuff - E :)