Monday, March 07, 2011

It's Here!!!

On the 28th of January after attending a Sisters in Crime meeting and upon returning home and joining a chat, I was the winner of the Kindle giveaway (yeah, that's how long ago it was - see posting on my JGDS blog). So last Friday, I emailed the Dorothy again saying I didn't have my kindle after being told the week before I should have it in a couple of days since the check from the publicist had cleared and she needed my phone number. I figured a week of waiting after giving my phone number to her was long enough. So anyway, she was kicking herself saying that she forgot to order the Kindle so how about her paypaling me the funds and letting me order it myself. Works for me. So Friday afternoon, after the funds had been transferred, I ordered my Kindle and by the confirmation email, I figured I would have my Kindle sometime between Wednesday and Friday, the 9th and the 11th. Well Saturday I got an email from amazon stating that my Kindle had shipped - woohoooo!!! -

I don't check my post office box on the weekends but try to at least check it every day when I pick the girl up from school (she has early dismissal, getting out at 1:35 every day and doesn't have much to do before play practice at 3:30, so side trips to the store or gas station or post office are a normal thing now). So I opened my box and there was the yellow slip indicating I had a package. I went inside to get my package and guess what I had? My Kindle. Now it's only Monday, March 7th so consider me surprised to be receiving my Kindle 2 to 4 days earlier than expected.

I had ordered some books (the latest two Jim and Joyce Lavene books - the one in the Missing Pieces Series that just came out a week ago, and the last one in the Ren Faire series that came out last fall that I hadn't read) early this morning (payday) so that I would have books on my Kindle ready for me to read after I explored it a bit. As soon as I got home and turned on the Kindle and started charging it and got the wi-fi turned on, I had books available to me. How cool is that? I also loaded some freebies and a few from (had to send those to my computer and save them to upload to the Kindle). I explored and read most of the Kindle guide on the Kindle and charged my Kindle up - says it has about a 3-week battery time, will have to see about that. I started reading the latest in the Ren Faire series - Deadly Daggers - after getting set up.

I took some pictures of my new toy. I'll post later in the week about the reading on the kindle, and all - stay tuned - E :)

Here is the box the Kindle comes in - as you can see it's not too big.

This is what the kindle looked like when I opened the box - I thought this was one of those plastic covers on the screen to protect it but this is actually one of the screens that pops up as you shut down the Kindle - this is the first one - it is the definition of kindle.

This is my favorite of the screens that comes up - too bad it isn't in color since the birds would be so colorful - it would be an explosion - lol.

This is a comparison shot of the Kindle and the two boxes - the one it came in and the one the accessories came in (I had ordered those a couple of weeks after winning the Kindle - it's an extra charger, car charger, screen protector, and earphones). I wish I had my ruler up so you could see how thin the Kindle really is but I think you can tell from this picture

Will share more later this week after I've really started using my new toy - E :)


Kat said...

I absolutely love my kindle. It's so convenient, makes waiting a pleasure. I can usually go almost a month between charging, as long as I keep the wifi off. And I read ALOT. Kat

elysabeth said...

Kat, that's awesome that your batter has lasted that long - mine only lasted about a week - probably would have lasted longer but I charged it today - five days after getting it - lol. I wasn't sure I would like the Kindle but now that I have one I'm really enjoying it and I have a lot of places to go so I feel the Kindle will be a blessing when I'm on the road. I'm trying to get lots of books or freebies on it right now until I can really afford to build up my library - but slow and sure - eventually I'll be there - thanks for stopping by - E :)