Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest blogger - Shelby Patrick

Today, my guest is Shelby Patrick, author of When Angels Sing, a supernatural thriller, and other titles. Thanks for being my guest today. E :)

Act The Part

By Shelby Patrick

Publishing is a business and like it or not, being an author is a job. It may be a creative one but it's no less important than being a plumber, a banker, or a lawyer. Just as in any business, authors must put on an air of professionalism at all times

Never miss a book signing event, and if possible, show up early. You wouldn't want to be known as an unreliable author with bookstore owners; however, there may be times when an emergency happens (illness, death, accident) and you just can't make it to the signing. Don't leave the bookstore and your fans hanging. At least have the courtesy to call and explain the situation. Most likely, the bookstore personnel will understand and hopefully postpone your event.

During and after your book signing, you should be gracious with your host. They are under no obligation to hold a book signing in your favor. Knowing that they went through all the trouble, you should be appreciative. Don't get upset with the bookstore if no one shows up to your event. A thank you goes a long way.

Don't have certain expectations from your family and friends. Just because they are related doesn't mean they are obligated to purchase your book. In fact, most family and friends probably expect a FREE copy. Don't be skimpy here. If you really want them to have a copy, give them as gifts. Unfortunately, in my case, if my family or friends hadn't bought copies of my latest book, I wouldn't have sold hardly any. Marketing isn't a strong suit with me, especially since my budget is very small, so I was lucky to have sold the 30 books I did so far.

Also, don't expect everyone to be as excited about your book as you are. This is your dream, not theirs, so don't push it on them.

Finally, authors should have realistic expectations. Unless you're Stephen King or John Grisham, don't expect that huge royalty check to be in the mail. You have no assurances of success here and no guarantees that you're writing the next bestseller. All you can do is try your best.

Thank you!

Shelby has self-published two creative writing exercise books, Dark Recesses of the Mind and Forbidden Knowledge, a short horror and science fiction collection entitled The Fear Within, and a supernatural thriller, When Angels Sing.

WHEN ANGELS SING came out in December 2010. The main male character, Blaze Kerrigan, is a typical young guy (with sex on the mind most days), but with one peculiar problem - he has a psychic link to a serial killer. So when Jenna Michaels shows up at his door unannounced and bears an uncanny resemblance to his dead fiancée, it's Blaze's job to keep her safe, especially when the body count starts to rise.

When Angels Sing video
All of Shelby's titles can be purchased on the amazon website.
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madcapmaggie said...

Shelby, nice to meet you. Excellent advice about book signings. Best of luck with your book.

Nancy Famolari said...

Excellent advice, Shelby. Your books sound very interesting. Enjoy your book signing!

kathy stemke said...

Hey Shelby. the plot of your book is intriguing! good luck.

Karen Cioffi said...

Shelby, great advice. I've written a couple of articles about how unless your a 'Stephen King' or other famous author you will need to supplement your income through other writing avenues.

And, When Angels Sing sounds intriguing.

Best wishes for success.

SP said...

Hi everyone. Thanks, Elysabeth for hosting me today. :-)

Magdalena Ball said...

Good points Shelby. I think a lot of new writers go into the profession thinking that they only need finish the manuscript and publishers will be knocking down the door to get at it! Learning that this is very far from the case is one of the first lessons in a steep curve.

Virginia S Grenier said...

Shelby, great post. I'm adding this to my Top Ten blog posts in my next newsletter. You give some really great advice.

Martha said...

Always enjoy a good piece of advice.
Good luck with your book

Heidiwriter said...

Love the title and the book sounds like a good read! Very good post, good advice.

Donna M. McDine said...

Terrific tips. I can't agree with you more that professionalism is key for any career.

Love the book cover and the plot is intriguing!

Best wishes,