Friday, July 02, 2010

MoonZeLent - a new vampire saga

Check out Heather's blog, my new illustrator, and you will find an interesting interview with an upcoming vampire novelist. The cover for this new novel can be found on her website. She is in the process of adding the cover for "Train of Clues" so keep an eye on this young lady as she has some raw talent and is about to embark on an adventure that will hopefully get her known. She is wanting to work with Disney/Pixar studios in the future, so hopefully the work she will be doing on the rest of the JGDS series covers will help her get there. I'm truly pleased with the cover and inside illustrations for "Train of Clues" and can't wait to hold the booklet in my hands.

As new covers in the series are available, you will be able to see them on my other blog and my website.

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KittyNadem said...

Thank you for the awesome post, Elysabeth! Actually, for the last two posts - you have been writing about me - I'm thrilled! =D

~ Heather Paye