Saturday, October 03, 2009

Summer Love by Liana Metal, a graphic novel love story

SUMMER LOVE synopsis: Elira feels trapped running her family's little hotel on the Greek island of Hydra. She's never traveled, never experienced love, never really lived. Then a handsome mysterious stranger checks in, and Elira can't hide her fascination. But Nicolas Soulakis is on a dangerous mission. When he is forced to elicit Elira's help, guilt gnaws at him for taking advantage of her obvious feelings for him. Never mind that those dove-gray eyes entrance him, that her shapely body drives him mad with desire. Soon that desire explodes in a fiery outpouring of need, and Nicolas knows he's lost.

If you click on the title of this posting, it will take you to the purchase page for this story. It is Liana's first romance done in this style. E :)


Liana said...

Thank you Elysabeth, I would like to add that
Summer Love was the first romance story I wrote for comic books.

It is online at


elysabeth said...

Thanks Liana. I didn't have much to post on this book, so went with what I had. I think the title is linked to the site to purchase the book. Good luck and see you all in the postings - E :)

Vivian Zabel said...

How interesting to "meet" an author of comic books.

Thanks, Eysabeth and Liana.

Nancy Famolari said...

Congratulations on being a comic book author. I think that's great and a romance comic at that. Wonderful!

kathy stemke said...

What fun! I love comic books. More importantly, reluctant readers are more likely to read comics than a traditional book. We've got to 'hook'em anyway we can.'

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

Hey, Liana, that's so interesting that you write for comics. Is it a tough market to get into?


Harry Gilleland said...

Greetings, Liana ~ I learned a lot more about you with these two posts.
Good luck with your new romance story comic book. You certainly lead a wonderful life!



Marvelous Marv said...

Great sounding book, Liana - and I just love the cover. Elysabeth - nice job on the feature post layout, also. Also like the way you spell your name! :)

The Old Silly

Liana said...

Elysabeth, yes, I know, I was searching for an excerpt-next time maybe...I misplaced the file. You did just fine, thanks!

Liana said...

Vivian, Nancy, Kathy

It was fun doing it but I spent about 4 months with the revisions-it was hard work! They assigned me a artist to do the pictures. I would try it again if the new editor was more cooperative.

Liana said...

Karen, I actually sold them all rights-that's their request, so I can only have a credit. I think this market is not so big-in Greece only very young people buy comics-(including me!LOL)

Liana said...

Harry and Marvin,
The story has also a song in the background-in the middle of the story during the love scenes-and all the pictures are very good, the artist is fantastic! The writer has to follow certain rules to satisfy the reader (and the editor!)eg. a specific number of love scenes and so on. I've learned a lot, I don't deny it, and I would do it again just for the experience(not the financial benefits).
Thanks for visiting,

Katie Hines said...

I love handsome, mysterious strangers!