Thursday, October 01, 2009

A day in the life of ...

Liana Metal, writer and artist

A typical week day starts at around 8:00 a.m. when the sun rays fall on my face and the birds’ singing from the trees just off my balcony act as a natural alarm clock. I am usually a very active sort of person, but I hate organizing all my days in advance. I never drink coffee in the morning, though on some cold days I have a cup of tea with milk; a bowl of Quaker oats with honey and banana slices is filling and sweet; and a good start for a productive day!

I turn on my computer after preparing lunch, and while it is being cooked I write an article or two; on my unlucky days though, I just have to cook a second meal because the first one has got burnt! Phone calls are a great distraction during the day, especially when some relatives enjoy a lengthy and juicy conversation! I avoid daily shopping as I won’t get everything done in time. But I enjoy roaming around the town and talking to friends every other day, taking pictures for my blog or doing interviews with local people for Coffee Time paper. Every outing seems to be a small adventure for me.

When the weather permits, I start the day painting in my balcony, and I do some typing after 11a.m. I enjoy doing different tasks as it adds variety to my day schedule. Housework has to be done in between writing and painting-so I have one or two breaks dedicated to family chores. Afternoons are more relaxing. In winter I never have a siesta; I teach some young pupils for 2-3 hours and then I return to my computer to complete the work that I have started earlier in the day. Painting has to wait till the weekend when I have more free time. I spend the evenings computer-free with family members. I love watching my favorite series or a film on TV, and I never go to bed before midnight! On hot summer days I stay up later than usual, but I have a relaxing siesta during the day that keeps me refreshed. Summer evenings are mainly spent outside, at Garitsa Bay, where people stroll and chat. That is a great meeting point for friends and tourists alike and a source of inspiration as well!


Nancy Famolari said...

Liana's description of her life sounds so idyllic, makes me want to got to Greece.

elysabeth said...

Nancy, I felt the same way. Only thing is I'm not sure I'd survive - lol - I'd miss too much here. Hoping Liana will stop by today. So anyone with questions or comments will get to meet her too - E :)

Marvelous Marv said...

That sounds like a full and satisfying day. You know how to LIVE, Liana! Enjoyed the post, it was a pleasure to have Liana on my blog last month also. Special Greek gal, there.

The Old Silly

Katie Hines said...

I don't know how she gets by without coffee! I stayed up all night last night reading a book I wanted to finish and couldn't put down. I'm glad to have met this woman.

elysabeth said...

Katie, maybe she does drink coffee in there somewhere. I don't drink coffee at all and some days wish that maybe I did just to get through. Hoping Liana will stop by too. See you all in the postings. E :)

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Liana, it appears you have arranged for a lovely, unstressed way for your talents to bring you pleasure--and pleasure to the world. You day seems a good example for many of the rest of us writers.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Anonymous said...

I love exotic places I've never been to. Painting on the balcony? One of my dreams. But I need a balcony first.

Stephen Tremp

Vivian Zabel said...

My traveling days are probably over, but it's so nice to get travel pleasures second-hand.

Thanks, Liana and Elysabeth.

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

Wow, Liana's days seem wonderful. Painting on your balcony - great imagery! It makes me want to visit Greece also.

I do like my morning coffee though.


elysabeth said...

LOL - Vivian, your traveling days are over only physically but you can travel anywhere you want with reading and writing -

And Karen, I've heard that from so many folks about needing their coffee to get going. Me I'm a water drinker and very rarely will drink a sode (Sprite is my choice if I do happen to be wanting one) and when dining out sometimes I'll have iced tea.

I sent Liana a message to stop by but guess she hasn't had a chance yet today since it is probably now Friday in Greece, but maybe she will show up - E ;)

kathy stemke said...

OK, Liana, I want your life! Sounds like a romantic getaway with time to meditate and create. You're truly blessed.

Hey, I have a great deck with a forest in the back full of singing birds. We're all blessed!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

A talented writer and a painter who seems to know how to make the most of her days...I'm in awe!

Liana said...

Thank you so much Elysabeth, for the great post! (You know, my daughter's name is Elisabeth but with a different spelling, yours is unique!)

Nancy, life here is too quiet-but it's ok for me...we mostly have sunshine-though today we are having a rainfall. Looks like we are in the tropics...
Thanks for visiting,

Liana said...

Not all days are the same! I am trying to make the most of it, my motto is 'life is too short to waste'-(but we waste it most of the time...). I want to become a radio producer (pop music)now-isn't it exciting? The thing is my son must help me! If he does, I will let you target is
local station...

Liana said...

Hi Katie,
You know, coffee is a stimulant, and I don't need the way I drink some tea at times! And I never read the whole night; when do you sleep Katie? There is not time left during the day, and I need at least 7 hours of sleep! I know, some of you may need much less, but a good rest is not a luxury, is it?

Liana said...

Elysabeth, our time zone is different, but I am always here...last afternoon I went to help the Green ecologists party in the town as they were giving away seeds (it was fun)-you know we are having elections right now...I support the Green wherever they come from.(and... NO, I never drink real coffee!)

Liana said...

I am trying very hard to do that-my previous life was different and stressful-25 years in the school is a lifetime-and I decided to have a major change now that I still can. You all can do it, it only takes a few moments to decide it!

Liana said...

I keep painting despite my hubby's objections-he thinks my paints smell (but they don't-I use acrylics for that reason)and I will participate in a group art display on the 24th. Great even for me-and hope this will be a new beginning(I need it as we all need something new every now and then).
Well, I can't think of a home without a balcony! Get one!!!

Liana said...

I don't travel anymore too...never mind really, we can have virtual travel now and this is great too!

Liana said...

Friday started with a rain storm(and the roof above my head is open since the builders are fixing it!) I was worrying about the rain and rarely slept...too bad for me as my students will come at noon and I must not be sleepy!
Now I can see the sun rays coming through, I wish I could send you a picture right now-marvelous!

One thing I know for sure-it's not only my place that looks idyllic-you can see every place in the world like that once you are in the right mood. But this depends on us, right?
Thanks Karen

Liana said...

you got my message! I am sure your place is unique too! Nature is full of miracles we take for granted, you know, I once did so but now I focus on every little detail that can make a difference!

Liana said...

Hi Jane,
There is nothing special about me-we are all different people in different places, yet we are all the same at heart...I've always had this feeling and tried to show it through my little Snail story. You know, I believe that each person is a magic realm -the thing is : is he open enough to allow others to see their hidden treasures? the world we live in this is becoming rare...

Dianne G. Sagan said...

Liana, you sound like my husband who doesn't seem to need a lot of sleep and takes a siesta in the afternoons. Your days are full and you get to share them with family and friends. That always makes for a wonderful life ... even with the challenges our grown children can present ... lol ... like you I wouldn't miss it. :)

Liana said...

Thanks Dianne, well...yes, I wouldn't change much in my life, but I would add a few things to spice it up!