Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 3, Day 1

What you may ask is the reason for the code title? This is week 3 of band camp (the short week really because band camp hours are 6 pm to 9 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and 3:45 to 6 pm Friday with parent exhibition at 6:30 pm and pizza party following that). It is Day 1 of Hailie passing her beginner's permit test and attempting to drive (driveway only - gives her practice backing up and staying in a grooved area) without giving me a heart attack.

So I let her back out of my spot to the hill area where we go to pull out forward in the driveway. She wasn't looking in her mirrors or looking back to see where she was going and put it in reverse and just zoomed back a few feet (probably like 20 or os but I don't measure things like that) before I finally got her to put on the brakes (yes, unfortunately I had to yell at her but it was scary and I'm sure any parent would have done the same thing). I made her pull into my parking spot and try again. She backed up too much but she is learning - thus the permit is called "beginner's" or "learner's" permit.

She did get backed up (surprisingly without being in the trash bin or in a tree or in the fencing or on any of the downed trees lining the driveway area where I back up). She pulled down to head out and almost hit Reeses because he won't move for anything from the spot in the driveway that he likes to be in. I have to practically get right up on him before he moves. She pulled to the end of driveway and did hit the brakes a bit harder than normal but again, she is learning and the more practice she has, the better she will be.

Okay - I survived day 1 - lol - The first part was scary but I chalk that up to nerves and just something totally out of her element. Stay tuned for more on Hailie's driving experience with me - lol - see you all in the postings. E :)

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